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Our Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program receives top ratings from our students! We have a 100% graduation rate and a 99% student pass rate on the State Nurse Aide Competency Exam. The daytime program is 3-weeks long (Monday – Friday) and the evening program is 8-weeks (Tuesday & Thursday Evening from 4:30 pm-8:30 pm). Call to see if you qualify for free CNA training through Michigan Works or one of our partnering facilities.

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8 Weeks/2 Night per Week – Evening Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program  

This program consists of two courses: NATP101 & NATP102…

NATP101: Lecture/theory & Laboratory Training
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Times: 4:30pm – 8:30pm

2023 Classes:

March 28 – May 21
June 20 – August 15
September 12 – November 12

NATP102: Clinical Training
Days: Saturday & Sunday (last week of the class)
Times: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

The 2-night per week – Evening Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program consists of 8weeks of classroom and laboratory training (Tuesdays & Thursdays) plus two 8 1/2-hour weekend days for clinical training. Clinical training will be held on one weekend and students MUST be present for the entire 8.5 hours each clinical day, in order to receive credit for clinical hours.

The Michigan Healthcare Academy Nurse Aide Training Program is designed to provide students with the skills needed to provide basic health care services under the direction of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to residents or patients who are residing in an acute or long-term care setting.

MHA is a State-approved training program that consists of a minimum of 75 training hours and includes; classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction.

After successful completion of the Certified Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP), the students will be eligible to take the State of Michigan Competency Evaluation Exam. Once they have passed this test, they will be able to start working as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA).

Program Objectives

The overall objective of this program is to provide quality healthcare services to residents in long-term care facilities, by nurse aides who can competently perform the following tasks:

  • Form a relationship, communicate and interact competently on a one-to-one basis with the residents;
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to residents’ emotional, social, and mental health needs through skillfully directed interactions;
  • Assist residents in attaining and maintaining functional independence;
  • Exhibit behavior in support and promotion of residents’ rights; and
  • Demonstrate the observational and documentation skills needed in the assessment of a resident’s health, physical condition, and well-being.
    (The above program objectives reflect current state and federal requirements).

Method of Instruction

  • Lecture
  • Group Activities
  • Hands-on training
  • DVD/Video presentation
  • Return Demonstration
  • Professional Guest Instructor
  • Written material
  • Quiz/test
  • Clinical practice on real residents at our participating 5-star rated, Long-Term Care Facilities

Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP101 &NATP102) 

NATP101- Nurse Aide Training Program (Classroom & Laboratory)

During NATP101, each Nurse Aide Student will receive classroom instruction and laboratory skills training. Each student must demonstrate competency in the following areas: Basic Nursing Skills, Personal Care Skills, Mental Health and Social Service’s Needs, Care of the Cognitively Impaired Resident, Basic Restorative Services and Resident’s Rights before advancing to NATP102.

NATP102 – Nurse Aide Training Program (Clinical)

NATP102 consists of the clinical portion of the program. This is where students will put into practice all that they have learned in NATP101 and gain “hands-on” experience with real residents. This portion of the course is held at one of our nearby long-term care facilities. All affiliated long-term care facilities are 5-star rated to offer the best training experience for our students!

Opportunities for free training:

Michigan Works: Are you unemployed? As a training provider for Michigan Works; Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) students that are unemployed may be eligible for free training and program costs. To apply, simply call your local Michigan Works office and let them know that you are interested in attending the Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program at Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA). They will then walk you through the steps and eligibility requirements.

Work agreement: Many of our partnering facilities are offering to pay for your training costs in exchange for a one-year work agreement. Some facilities will even pay you an hourly wage, while you attend classes! If interested, please send an email to

Back on Track: Students who are graduates of the Back on Track Program may be eligible to receive $500.00 towards their Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program. for more information please visit their website at

Reimbursement for self-paying students: Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) offers a self-pay tuition discount to students who are not eligible for free or reduced training prices, from other sources. This is typically our advertised tuition price. In addition, when you self-pay for your training costs, you will be eligible through the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program, for reimbursement up to $951.00  as long as your first job as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is at a facility that accepts Medicaid (most do)! A nursing facility has six months after the CNA’s hire date to reimburse them for training and testing costs. A CNA must secure employment with a certified nursing facility within twelve months of completing his or her testing to be eligible for reimbursement.

Program success rates:
99% Student graduation rate
99% Student pass rate on the Michigan Nurse Aide Competency Exam!

Tuition Cost: $799.00 (self-pay student discount)

Tuition includes:
Registration Fee
Criminal Background Check
MHA School Patch
American Heart Association BLS/CPR/AED training
Nurse Assistant Training Certificate, upon successful completion of  the course
Graduation celebration
Free work placement assistance


  • Must be 17 years of age or older
  • Have valid State of Michigan ID (driver license or State ID card)
  • Show proof of a Social Security card
  • Show proof of recent TB testing (PPD skin test or chest x-ray)
  • Consent to a criminal background check
  • Must be able to understand, read and write in the English language, at an academic level of the 10th grade or higher.

*All students must wear white or mostly white, non-skid tennis shoes and a Royal Blue Nursing Uniform. A Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) patch is included in the tuition rate and will be applied to the uniform.

*Please bring a notebook, writing utensil, highlighter and your winning smile to class! All other supplies are included with your tuition!
**Tuition does not include, State of Michigan Competency Exams taken after the successful completion of the course.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Only partial tuition costs are refundable for the Nurse Aide Training Program. If you need to cancel or drop out of a program, for any reason, you will be issued the following tuition refund after the refund charge and a $35.00 processing fee is applied:

20%                    8-14 days before class starts
30%                    3-7 days before class starts
50%                    1-2 days before class starts
NO REFUND    First day of class and thereafter

*Costs associated with registration fees, textbooks, and school patches are non-refundable.

*In the event that your program is cancelled by the school, you will be invited to attend the next scheduled class or you may request a refund.


7 reviews for Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Training Program

  1. mihealthcareacademy

    I almost signed up at a different school. Thank God, I didn’t. Great Program!

  2. mihealthcareacademy

    Going to Michigan Healthcare Academy was a wonderful experience. She (Angela) takes the time to get to know each student. How they learn by assessing their learning habits. Which I was really shocked because in a CNA class nobody really takes that time out for short courses like this. Our instructor Angela always seemed to be happy to see us and teach us. She teaches things you need to know plus inform you on thing in case you decide to further your career in the medical field. This was such a better experience than my first time taking a Certified Nursing Assistant course. She has made confident in continuing my career because before I started the class I was thinking of changing careers. Hope I can help her out with any of her future classes. I really recommend Michigan Healthcare Academy to anyone who wants an informative and welcoming experience. Thank you so much, Angela, for the experience. Deontae Norman

  3. mihealthcareacademy

    I truly loved attending and completing this CNA program. The teacher is highly qualified and knowledgeable in this field. She provided us with a plethora of information that I will be able to use out in the workforce. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a CNA or continue further in the medical field. Hillary Wilhelm

  4. mihealthcareacademy

    I enrolled into MHA and was very hesitant and doubtful in myself that I wasn’t going to be able to do it. The first day our instructor Angela was so welcoming to us new students. Angela provided us with a lot of great knowledge about becoming a CNA. As the class went on I still didn’t believe in myself but then when we started testing Angela reassured I would do great, and I did I was passing everything with flying colors. I don’t think I would have been able to pass any place else because Angela is so caring, educated and over all just amazing. A big thanks to Angela and this program. I’m so glad I enrolled here with MHA. Alissa Warrack

  5. mihealthcareacademy

    I have been attending MHA for the nurses assistant training all I can say are great things about this school and the instructor Angela. The school has all the equipment to help you succeed in your nursing assistant career the school is clean and spotless aswell. The instructor Angela will help you understand the curriculum and she will take her time to help you she is a very nice lady and if you plan on attending this school please do not be nervous if you have any questions please contact the school:) nik h

  6. mihealthcareacademy

    In the beginning, I was hesitant to join. I thought that because I hadn’t been in a class setting in 20 years I wouldn’t fit in. But not only did I fit in, I thrived! Angela, the instructor, made sure that all of her students were engaged in reading, hands-on training and fun learning games with prizes! In the matter of only three short weeks, I was able to become a Certified Nurse Assitant and CPR Certified. We enjoyed lots of laughs and built some beautiful friendships. I am proud to be a graduate of MHA. Angela is the greatest of all time with many years of experience, knowledge, and devotion in “Training Tomorrows Heroes”. Prena Gjokaj

  7. mihealthcareacademy

    Awesome instructor, Fun times and at the end I have a career! Be a Certified Nurse Aide and make a difference ….Cathy Baril

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