In the beginning, I was hesitant to join. I thought that because I hadn’t been in a class setting in 20 years I wouldn’t fit in. But not only did I fit in, I thrived! Angela, the instructor, made sure that all of her students were engaged in reading, hands-on training and fun learning games with prizes! In the matter of only three short weeks, I was able to become a Certified Nurse Assitant and CPR Certified. We enjoyed lots of laughs and built some beautiful friendships. I am proud to be a graduate of MHA. Angela is the greatest of all time with many years of experience, knowledge, and devotion in “Training Tomorrows Heroes”.

Prena Gjokaj

Awesome instructor, Fun times and at the end I have a career! Be a Certified Nurse Aide and make a difference

Cathy Baril

I enrolled in MHA and was very hesitant and doubtful in myself that I wasn’t going to be able to do it. The first day our instructor Angela was so welcoming to us new students. Angela provided us with a lot of great knowledge about becoming a CNA. As the class went on I still didn’t believe in myself but then when we started testing Angela reassured I would do great, and I did I was passing everything with flying colors. I don’t think I would have been able to pass any place else because Angela is so caring, educated and over all just amazing. A big thanks to Angela and this program. I’m so glad I enrolled here with MHA.

Alissa Warrack

Going to Michigan Healthcare Academy was a wonderful experience. She (Angela) takes the time to get to know each student. How they learn by assessing their learning habits. Which I was really shocked because in a CNA class nobody really takes that time out for short courses like this. Our instructor Angela always seemed to be happy to see us and teach us. She teaches things you need to know plus inform you on thing in case you decide to further your career in the medical field. This was such a better experience than my first time taking a Certified Nursing Assistant course. She has made me confident in continuing my career because before I started the class I was thinking of changing careers. I really recommend Michigan Healthcare Academy to anyone who wants an informative and welcoming experience. Thank you so much, Angela, for the experience.

Deontae Norman

Such a great class! Loved everyone in the program, especially Angela:) She made the class so much fun and we were all able to learn so much. The hands-on experience along with the clinical hours was extremely beneficial. The school and the clinical training site was such a great environment, I highly recommend taking this class if you are looking to get some experience in the medical field along with patient contact hours!

Alexandra Gligorea

I Would highly recommend to anyone looking to be a CNA. Had so many hands-on skills opportunities, learned so much, and everyone was so sweet there. Clinicals was the best part and Angela made us feel very prepared and confident throughout the whole program. I definitely will miss this class!

Emily Nguyen

This school provides fun and easy classes to prepare you for the requirements test to become a CNA, Angela is extremely patient and fun to be around everyday, and she makes learning the material interesting, and she invests her time in you so you get the most out of the tuition you paid.

Tammie Prewitt

I attended MHA back in the beginning of April, it was an absolutely wonderful CNA class! Angela is an awesome instructor and made me really feel confidence that I could really do this job because I’ve always had doubts! The hands on training by her helping staff was great, everybody was so pleasant! Having my tuition paid for and getting the opportunity to have a job right after the program is a blessing in itself, I can honesty say you NEED to attend MHA It was a life changer for me! It won’t disappoint! Thank you Angela !

Brigette Halsey

Fun, fast and easy!

Rita D.



MHA is amazing! Great CNA program with super nice instructors! I highly recommend it!!!


WOW! This is a great healthcare academy!
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my clients.

Don’t go anywhere else!

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