Student Handbook

The Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) NATP Student Handbook contains all of the policies and procedures related to our Nursing Assistant Training Course.

MHA Dress Code

Royal Blue Nursing Uniform
MHA School Patch
White non-skid tennis shoes

Program Requirements

Must be 17 years of age or older (parental consent needed if under 18 years old)
Current and negative Tuberculosis (TB) Test
(PPD skin test or Chest X-Ray)
Consent to and pass a Criminal Background Check
Able to read and write in English, at a minimum of a 9th grade level

Why Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) is the right choice for you…

At Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA), you are our top priority! We take great pride in offering a fantastic, student-centered educational experience, in a relaxed, comfortable environment!

Our record of success: We have a 100% student graduation rate and a 99% student pass rate on the State Nurse Aide Competancy Exam!

The classroom: Do you hate those dinky little desks in most classrooms? You know, the ones that you can’t fit a book on without half of it falling off? Or what about those tiny, hard, plastic chairs that were built for just one size? At MHA, we believe that you can’t concentrate on your studies if you’re concentrating on a sore bottom!  That’s why we offer large tables and soft, adjustable chairs (with armrests) so that both your bottom and your brain, are happy!

We teach you the way you learn best: Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) puts you first again, by offering training catered around your very own unique way of learning! What style of learner are you? If you don’t know, take our handy-dandy “Styles of Learning” quiz. It’s easy to do and you can find it right underneath the quiz tab. It will tell you how you learn best so that you don’t waste your time or efforts, ever again!

The Instructors: All primary Program Instructors at MHA, are State of Michigan Certified Train-the-Trainer, Registered Nurses. All Primary Instructors, as well as Supplementary Instructors, are highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.  This ensures that our students will learn the best…from the best!

Our clinical training sites: We ensure that all clinical training sites are top-rated and offer our students an exceptional hands-on learning experience!

Training catered to the way you learn best!

At Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA), we use teaching methods that are specific to each student’s unique style of learning. We then incorporate these methods into our integrative programs, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity for success! Take our free Learning Style Quiz, under the Quizzes tab, to find out how you learn best!


The "MHA Guarantee" - If you don’t pass your State of Michigan Certification Exam the first time...Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) will work with you FREE of charge until you do!

Angela is a person of excellence. She has a plethora of knowledge, experience, and skills as a Registered Nurse for 20 years. Additionally, she is an exceptionally patient and organized educator. Her students will be equipped with knowledge, skill, and prepared for an exciting new future in healthcare.

Fun, fast and easy!

Rita D.