Student Handbook

The Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) Student Handbook contains all of the policies and procedures related to our courses and programs.

MHA Dress Code

Nursing uniform with MHA School Patch and white or mostly white, non-skid tennis shoes. Please check under courses to see what color of uniform students of your particular program will wear.

Program Requirements

Must be at least 17 years of age or older. Show proof of negative Tuberculosis (TB) testing performed within the past year (testing is available at MHA). Consent to and pass a criminal background check. Ability to read and write in English, at a minimum of a 10th-grade level.

Why Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) is the right choice for you…

Our dedication to you: At Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA), student success is our top priority! We take great pride in offering a fun educational experience in a relaxed, comfortable environment!

Our record of success: We’re not bragging…we’re just proud. Our Nursing Assistants maintain a 100% student graduation rate and a 99% student pass rate on the Michigan Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Competency Evaluation!  No wonder we’re beaming with pride…

Job placement: Our graduating students are highly sought-after and many will receive job offers before they finish their Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program! Students are able to receive job placement services and leave Michigan Healthcare Academy with positions at some of the best facilities and hospitals in the area! Placements from Michigan Healthcare Academy allow students a stress-free transition from student to employee.

Lesson plans designed around the way you learn best: Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) provides training customized to your very own unique way of learning! What style of learner are you? Take our handy-dandy “Styles of Learning” quiz to find out. It’s easy to do and you can find it right underneath the quiz tab.

Student testimonials: MHA consistently receives 5-star ratings and reviews from our students! View some below or find them on Google or Facebook. 

The Instructors: All primary Program Instructors at MHA, are State of Michigan Certified Train-the-Trainer, Registered Nurses. All Primary Instructors, as well as Supplementary Instructors, are highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.  This ensures that our students will always learn the best…from the best!

Crème de la crème clinical training: We offer students an exceptional hands-on learning experience in facilities that are rated amongst the top-ten in the state! 

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

At Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA), we use teaching methods that are specific to each student’s unique style of learning. We then incorporate these methods into our integrative programs, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity for success! Take our free Learning Style Quiz, under the Quizzes tab, to find out how you learn best!

  • In the beginning, I was hesitant to join. I thought that because I hadn’t been in a class setting in 20 years I wouldn’t fit in. But not only did I fit in, I thrived! Angela, the instructor, made sure that all of her students were engaged in reading, hands-on training and fun learning games with prizes! In the matter of only three short weeks, I was able to become a Certified Nurse Assitant and CPR Certified. We enjoyed lots of laughs and built some beautiful friendships. I am proud to be a graduate of MHA. Angela is the greatest of all time with many years of experience, knowledge, and devotion in “Training Tomorrows Heroes”.

    Prena Gjokaj

  • Awesome instructor, Fun times and at the end I have a career! Be a Certified Nurse Aide and make a difference

    Cathy Baril

  • I enrolled in MHA and was very hesitant and doubtful in myself that I wasn’t going to be able to do it. The first day our instructor Angela was so welcoming to us new students. Angela provided us with a lot of great knowledge about becoming a CNA. As the class went on I still didn’t believe in myself but then when we started testing Angela reassured I would do great, and I did I was passing everything with flying colors. I don’t think I would have been able to pass any place else because Angela is so caring, educated and over all just amazing. A big thanks to Angela and this program. I’m so glad I enrolled here with MHA.

    Alissa Warrack

    Amazing experience!
  • The material was easy to understand and was presented in ways that kept my attention. Class was actually fun. I learned many new things even after already having been an aide for several years. The instructors were all very nice and helped us succeed.

    Karen D

  • Michigan Healthcare Academy has brought so much excitement into my life! I am currently training to be a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) as I continue my education to become a Nurse. This program is only THREE WEEKS long, and it is taught by an amazing instructor, Angela. Throughout this class I have learned so much, and have met amazing people that I now call family. SO, if you are looking to become a CNA I highly recommend MHA!!!

    Lexie Mooney

  • This was a very informative course on how to be the best CNA. It is a mix of lectures and labs that are really fun and cool to learn about! Definitely would recommend this class to anyone who plans on becoming a CNA and loves to be hands on with anything.

    Caitlyn Underwood

  • This place is amazing! And Angela is the absolute best! She made this class fun so it was super easy to learn and retain the information. The place is clean and really nice. I would recommend this place to ANYONE who wants their CNA certification.

    Nysie Booker

  • Such a great class! Loved everyone in the program, especially Angela:) She made the class so much fun and we were all able to learn so much. The hands on experience along with the clinical hours was extremely beneficial. The school and the clinical training site was such a great environment, I highly recommend taking this class if you are looking to get some experience in the medical field along with patient contact hours!

    Alexandra Gligorea

  • I am thankful for the opportunity to have had the chance to learn CNA skills from such a wise and compassionate instructor! Angela, is hands down the best!! She takes her time with everyone! Her teaching skills work for anyone of any age! (Over 17) I am inspired by all of my fellow classmates and in awe of the positive effect that this class (group) will have as I move forward in life. Thank you, MHA 🏥🩺will be back for the phlebotomy course in January.

    Melissa Bruno

  • The staff and students were so sweet! I had so much fun in the CNA training course. The instructor Angela was also extremely thorough with training, made classes fun and engaging, and was really patient with all the questions the class asked. I feel really confident taking the state exam and I’m so happy I already have a job after training. I attended class during COVID and everyone wore masks. We were still able to do hands on practicing with our peers. We all sanitized and took temperature coming into class as well. Some info on how I came across this class: I had an interest in applying to CNA job postings because I plan to be a registered nurse one day. CNA jobs require a certification so then I started looking for CNA training programs. I looked up all the programs in my area and emailed/called them for information. If I emailed them, I made sure to include my resume just in case. I happened to contact this school. Then an employer called me one day offering to pay for my training in exchange for a 1 year work agreement. I went to the job interview and got hired before I started training. My training is now fully paid for and i will finish in a week. Then I will start working for my employer.

    Michelle Chen

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The “MHA Guarantee” – If you don’t pass your State of Michigan Competency Exam the first time, Michigan Healthcare Academy (MHA) will work with you FREE of charge until you do!