CNA Bootcamp – Skills Workshop

CNA Bootcamp – Skills Workshop

CNA Bootcamp – Skills Workshop

Price: $99.00
Date: Saturday, December 07, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – 3:00pm

Workshop Information:

During this workshop, all 21 Nursing Assistant Skills that may be included on the State Nurse Aide Competency Exam, will be taught and demonstrated by a qualified Nurse Aide Train-the-Trainer, Registered Nurse.  All students will have an opportunity to practice the skills and to receive feedback from the Nurse Aide Train-the-Trainer, Registered Nurse.

This workshop is appropriate for students who have passed an approved Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program within the past two years but have not yet taken their State Nurse Aide Competency Exam, or for those who have been unsuccessful on the exam. This workshop is also great for Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides who would like to enhance or their current skill-set.

This workshop is not appropriate for those who have let their Certified Nurse Aide registry lapse or for those who have failed the state Nurse Aide Competency Exam three times or more.
Completion of this course does not guarantee the passage of the state Nurse Aide competency exam.

What to wear:  Please come to the workshop wearing scrubs/nursing uniform, socks, and tennis shoes.

 Skills Demonstrated:
·        Assist to ambulate using a transfer belt
·        Assist with the use of bedpan
·        Clean upper or lower denture
·        Count and record a radial pulse
·        Count and record respirations
·        Dress patient with affected right arm
·        Feed patient who cannot feed themselves
·        Give a modified bed bath
·        Hand hygiene (hand-washing)

·        Make an occupied bed

·        Measure and record urinary output
·        Measure & record the weight of an ambulatory patient
·        Perform passive range of motion for one knee and one ankle
·        Perform modified passive range of motion for one shoulder
·        Perform passive range of motion for one elbow and wrist
·        Position patient in a side-lying position
·        Provide catheter care for a female
·        Provide foot care on one foot
·        Provide mouth care
·        Provide perineal care for female
·        Transfer patient from bed to wheelchair using a transfer belt

All skills are demonstrated and practiced in a supervised laboratory setting.


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